8 Tablespoons Of : Salt Lake City, Utah.

7 Tablespoons Of : Seattle "The Emerald City" Day 4.

Can't believe this post has barely made it on to the blog! Gabe and I drove out to Portland, Oregon from Seattle on our second to last day of vacation last year. We knew we couldn't miss the opportunity of visiting Cannon Beach as it was just a couple of hours away. This time of year always makes me think back to how I wish we were back in Portland. Enjoy the many, many photos of our last day in the PNW!

8 Tablespoons Of : My Life In Film : Vol. 3.

8 Tablespoons Of : Cute things that I WANT, but don't NEED : Vol. 1.

In the efforts of starting healthier monetary practices and increasing my savings habits like the responsible adult that I should be, I am planning to invest less on the tangible things that I often trick my mind into thinking that I need and starting a fun illustration series instead. Basically, I will draw all of the items that I usually see while window shopping online, or in person at one of my favorite stores, and instead of buying it, I will just draw it! This way, instead of getting that temporary high of having bought said item, the item that I thought I physically needed will actually get to stay with me in a different more permanent way. I know, I know, I sound kind of crazy, but I feel it's going to be a mutual benefit for both my bank accounts and my illustration skills. Win-win, right? Let's see how this goes... I will definitely have a hard time as I have tricked my brain into thinking every cute thing I see MUST BE MINE, but I've just reached a point where, I don't want every little thing I think that I need. Anyway, here goes nothing.